4-H CAMPERS 2019

4-H CAMP WEEK IS MAY 31 - JUNE 4, 2021.4-H 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmVMGgh4hZg&t=18s  4-H Camp Video with Shannon Farrell

4-H Camp Forms: 14 day Pre Camp Health Screening Form

                              2021 Medication Form

                              Camp Schedule

                              Head Check Form

Montgomery County Camp Video = Orientation

Drop Off Procedures VIDEO - https://studio.youtube.com/video/V7jc3gqkuAA/edit

4-H Camp COVID 19 Procedures Video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Kx6KzDKCs

2021 4-H Camp Flyer NEW

     "The Kentucky 4-H program is working diligently to develop a 4-H camping program that will allow us to welcome youth to our four camps this summer in a safe and healthy environment.  Our operations plan is currently being reviewed by University of Kentucky health professionals (and others) to ensure that we are following all state and university guidelines. We are currently planning for 4-H Camp this summer contingent upon plan approval.

      Creating a safe camping plan for this summer will mean that 4-H camp in Kentucky will look very different this year.  Social distancing and masking guidelines will be enforced, cabins will travel together to activities in small teams/cohorts, and limits in numbers of youth, teens, and adults will be enforced.  This will make camp different and challenging but will allow our 4-H youth to again experience that camp magic they crave.

      4-H staff at your county extension office are currently creating a "wait list" for those interested in 4-H camp this summer.  As our plan for moving forward is approved, we will share more information about youth programming guidelines so parents and volunteers can make an informed decision.   Thank you for your support of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension service and 4-H camps.  ~Dr. Mark Mains, Assistant Director for 4-H Youth Development, University of Kentucky's Cooperative Extension Service"

4-H Informational Camp Brochure 

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